Egg Rocker

Cradle to Grave

What causes us to keep a piece of furniture our entire lives?

It may not always be the design or aesthetics of a piece, rather the memories is holds within it.


A rocking chair is a wonderful example of this kind of furniture. Not is a rocker pretty or comfortable, but the user creates many memories while sitting in the rocker, whether that be rocking a baby to sleep, sitting on the porch with a loved one, or reading a story to a child on their lap.


This project explores the rocking chair in a new way, creating a rocker unlike any other.

Rocking chairs are unique in the way that we interact with them unlike most furniture. Rocking Chairs are often associated with rocking a newborn to sleep, rocking on the porch with a loved one, or simply being used for the soothing effect. Through these memories and motion associated with the rocking chair, it becomes a piece of furniture with sentimental value, one that is more than just a piece in your house, but it holds within it these experiences. 

Form inspiration came from pushing the concept of a rocking chair and thinking what it represented, such as a nest for a baby, cacoon, or egg.

egg shape to nest user in



the ideation process for this project incuded dozens of scale models and material exploration


The making of this piece included steam bent Ash wood and 2 metal pieces were created as counterweights for the rocker to stand up. the first was a block of steel that was cut and welded, and the other counterweight was several sheets of steel that were bent to mimic the form of the rocker. 

© 2018 by Lillian Krieger.