Music Box

Exploring materials and different methods to create spheres.

The lids were created 2 different ways to explore material and machines. 

Top Domes:

Large- turned on the metal lathe with a radius cutter and sanded

Small- Stock metal was put in an angled index head, and the dome was cut with a fly cutter while the stock rotated on an angle.

Bottom Incuts:

Large- put in the center of a Rotary Table and a Bridgeport was used to cut downwards into the lid.

Small- Interior was turned on the metal lathe with a radius cutter.


Many sketches and technical drawings were created to ensure the correct cuts would be performed in the right order.

The body of the boxes are made out of walnut wood and clear acrylic stock. 

The Walnut was turned on a wooden lathe, ensuring the shape with a template.

The acrylic base was turned on a metal lathe with a radius cutter and then the interior was cut on the lathe with metal bits plunged in horizonally.

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