Medical Dashboard

Design concepts that incorporate nutrition information for physicians to better understand their diabetic patients' lifestyles.



Health Care Providers (HCPs) are currently blind to the lifestyle of their patients which effect their health and management of diabetes.

HCPs have varying amount of time depending on their role and practice.


goals for the application


Provide a Nutritional Overview


Accommodate all types of Care Providers 


Empower the Patients

Prototyping & Iterating

monthly human factors testing to gain insights

We designed numerous iterations going back and forth talking with patients, physicians, dietitians and nurses to make sure we were displaying the most useful information for caretakers to engage with patients in a more meaningful way.

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Screen Shot 2019-04-26 at 6.04.39 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-04-26 at 6.04.39 PM.png


Provide Nutritional Overview

helping HCPS have a wholistic view of their patient's lifestyle

We created a dashboard for the HCP to see when he/she first views a patient's information. This view includes an overview of everything that is related to this patient's diabetes health plan.

This view is designed for the busy HCP that is only able to spend several minutes with their patient and wants to have a large overview.


Patient's overall compliance to plan

Average Blood Glucose readings 

Activity tracked 

Nutritional insights captured through photos with actionable items for the HCP to talk through


Accommodate all types of Care Providers

provide a deep dive into patients' lifestyles

We provide the HCPs with daily logbooks to understand the meals and activities that could be related to specific blood glucose events.

This view is designed for HCPs that have more time with the patient, typically diabetes educators. These HCPs will take time to look into each event and identify trends in their patient's glucose levels.


Timeline of all events captured throughout the day

Activity & meals for HCPs to relate to specific blood glucose readings


Empower the Patients

Giving the patients' understanding & control

A printout with the patient's overall information for them to take home after visiting with their Health Care Provider.


Patient's overall compliance to plan

Blood Glucose readings with tips for the patient to know what the readings mean

Activity tracked 

Meals and nutritional insights for the patient to review and work on


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