Play @ RISD

A 2 day event at RISD advocating PCM's Mission, "to inspire and celebrate learning through active play and exploration."

*poster designed by Savanna Li

*poster designed by Savanna Li

Day 1

The first day in the 2 day event we arranged to bring Imagination Playground to RISD from PCM. 

The big blue blocks were set up in the center of campus and students were encouraged to take a break from their studio to play.

Questions were set up and asked to students to prompt them to think more about play and their past experiences.

Day 2

We gave an intro on what we have learned while working at the children's museum/

Special guest speakers:
Cas Holman- owner of Heroes Will Rise Studio

Chris Sancomb- exhibit designer at Providence Children's Museum

Liz Knight- Designer at Hasbro

The designers took turns giving a brief presentation on what work they have done, and what they think is important to consider when designing for children's play. 

Presentations were followed with a Q&A where students got the opportunity to ask their own questions.

The room was completely full! Marketing was a success. 

Students listened intently and snacked on goldfish and milk & cookies. 

Play-Doh was supplied to encourage creativity and play during the presentation and discussion.

Students not only discussed play, but participlated in it as well!



After working at the Providence Children's Museum Savanna Li and I began to think of Play in an entire new way. While at the museum, we were out of our comfort zone and played with kids all day long. It was through play that we were inspired to create in studio and thus realized the importance of it even for adults.



To discuss the importance of free play in development and what we as designers can do to encourage this.After reading several books and handouts from PCM, I led a discussion on the importance of play and invited several working designers to share their experiences designing for play.