Unique containers that are stackable to create different landscapes of vessels.


1 set includes 3 different sizes of orbs with same size feet on top and bottom to allow stacking in any order.

Stack comes in two families, Eggshell or Colored pieces. Though one set includes all the same color, mutiple sets can be combined to create a colorful array.


As a ceramic vessel, Stack can be used as a stackable organizer in many different scenarios.

bathroom organizer friendly

Stackable serving dishes for a meal or snack that needs mutliple dishes. 
ex. ice cream sundaes and toppings, bbq with condiments and sides, coffee table snacks, etc.

Not only can Stack create a beautiful table centerpiece, but the stackable qualitiy allows for more table space than regular serving dishes, and they can be easily passed around the table, and stacked back in the center.



The design process began with observing toys at Providence Children's Museum and taking inspiration from the simplicity of the objects that children used to connect, stack, build something grand abnd beautiful.

Targeted Question: How can you make an adult not just use objects, but to interact with them in a creative way that is playful?


turning wood on the lathe to make the positive for the mold

3 positives are coated with polyurethane so they can be cast in plaster

hollow casted pieces come out of the mold.

openings are hand cut on each piece

bisqueware ready to be sanded and glazed

The making of the final version:

1. models

2. turned positives on the lathe with poplar

3. coated positives with polyurethane

4. cast positives in plaster

5. Slip cast vessels

6. hand carve openings

7. fire

8. sand 

9. glaze

10. fire