Transit Kiosk

Bringing real time information and trip planning to city explorers



Design an app for touch screen kiosks that provides relevant information to public transit riders - considering both the everyday commuter & tourist.

Main Ad Views

designing space for advertisers while not in use

mainad-subway-arrivals -new spacing.png
main ad - service status-rail stations.p

The screen will be used for advertisements while not in use. MTA receives 4/12 rotating slots to display MTA related information. We designed the screen to have a call to action for when rotating ads are playing and also designed the app modularly to be able to display content within the app during the MTA ad cycle.

Arrivals & Alerts

Information for the everyday commuter


(Bottom of the screen is reserved for ad space)

Explore the City

Information for the tourists

Trip Planning

directing travelers to their destination


creating kiosks for everyone

whiteboard prep.png
accessible mode.png

Research showed that users in wheelchairs have a maximum height of 48" that they can reach for buttons. We outlined this on the screen we were designing for and found it to be very low for the average user which led us to create an accessible mode that brings all interactions below the 48" line.