Tractor Supply Co Mobile App

An app to get customers' "Life Out Here" needs in one spot. Designed for quick shopping, order tracking, scheduling deliveries and checking rewards points.

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Design an MVP App for Tractor Supply


Lead product designer

  • led relationship with offshore development

  • Partnered with PM + research to lead overall product vision

  • oversaw all mobile designs

  • led initial design workshops


Digital Brand Guidelines, wireframes, final design comps, roadmap exploration


1 year

1. Research

Our team started this project by spending a full week at our client's headquarters in Tennessee. We talked with stakeholders, visited stores, and talked with customers.


Team @ Start

The team grew!

Account Manager

2 PMs

2 Product Designers

1 Researcher

1 Content Strategist

Account Manager

1 Project Manager

3 PMs

7 Product Designers

1 Researcher

1 Content Strategist

2. Exploration

After an initial phase of gathering as much information as we could about the company, their goals, the stores and their needs, we organized a week long Design sprint exercise. We brought our key stakeholders and customer service representatives in and we outlined the current user experience and brainstormed how an app can help.


3. Initial Concepts + Wires

After our research, we began concepts for main value propositions, IA, and how this app can help users outside of a standard e-commerce experience.


4. COVID-19 Implications

As we were beginning our design phase of the application, the world shut down to due to COVID-19. With stores closing down and fear of being in public spaces, retailers scrambled to keep business. 

Our timelines went from having 4+months to design to having 3 weeks and we had to cut our features to be bare MVP and launch Curbside pickup earlier than expected.


5. Competitor Analysis

With a focus on "Buy Online, Pickup in Store," we visited retailers all over the country to see their experiences. We saught out to see what retailers were doing well and where they could be improved.


6. MVP Launch

After a mad dash to finish, we launched our MVP app to allow purchasing in app and provide a Curbside Pickup experience.


7. Impact

TSC's mobile app helped accelerate their omnichannel goals and vision, even in the midst of COVID-19.


growth in sales in Q2 2020

Triple Digit

growth in e-commerce sales in Q2 2020

1M +

app downloads

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Screen Shot 2021-09-05 at 12.12.54 PM.png

All the buzz

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